GitHub中最受欢迎的Python CookBooks

jopen 9年前

以下是一些最受欢迎的Python cook books,按stars排序。

1. jvns/pandas-cookbook

pandas is a Python library for doing data analysis. It's really fast and lets you do exploratory work incredibly quickly.

1087 Stars & 384 Forks

Author’s Note:

The goal of this cookbook is to give you some concrete examples for getting started with pandas. The docs are really comprehensive. However, I've often had people tell me that they have some trouble getting started, so these are examples with real-world data, and all the bugs and weirdness that that entails.

I'm working with 3 datasets right now

  • 311 calls in New York

  • How many people were on Montréal's bike paths in 2012

  • Montreal's weather for 2012, hourly

2. dabeaz/python-cookbook

Code samples from the "Python Cookbook, 3rd Edition", published by O'Reilly & Associates.

472 Stars & 284 Forks

3. ipython-books/cookbook-code

Recipes of the IPython Cookbook, the definitive guide to high-performance scientific computing and data science in Python.

435 Stars & 165 Forks

This repository contains the recipes of the IPython Cookbook, the definitive guide to high-performance scientific computing and data science in Python, by Dr. Cyrille Rossant, Packt Publishing, 500 pages, September 2014. A selection of free recipes from the book:

  1. Getting the best performance out of NumPy

  2. Simulating a physical system by minimizing an energy

  3. Creating a route planner for road network

  4. Introduction to machine learning in Python with scikit-learn

  5. Simulating a partial differential equation: reaction-diffusion systems and Turing patterns

  6. Getting started with Vispy

4. poise/python


This cookbook will remain for compatibility but any future release will only be to gut it and turn it into a wrapper for poise-python.

403 Stars & 598 Forks

5. yidao620c/python3-cookbook

This book is Chinese so non-Chinese speakers can skip this if they want to!

278 Stars & 116 Forks

6. pcjericks/py-gdalogr-cookbook

A cookbook of recipes for using the Python GDAL/OGR bindings.The Python OGR/GDAL Cookbook is open source and licensed under the MIT license.

65 Stars & 23 Forks

7. garnaat/paws

Sample code from the book "Python and AWS Cookbook"

49 Stars & 13 Forks

8. poise/application_python

A Chef cookbook to deploy Python applications. Some test recipes are available as examples for common application frameworks like Flask, Django.

40 Stars & 93 Forks

9. python/psf-chef

Chef configuration and cookbooks for the Python Software Foundation.

27 Stars & 38 Forks