elementary OS 0.3 Beta 2 发布

jopen 7年前

elementary OS是基于Ubuntu的桌面发行。它的一些有趣特性包括:一套新的GTK+及GNOME图标主题,Midori网页浏览器,在机构内部开发的新应用程序 (例如通信簿Dexter及邮件客户端Postler),以及一个简单的文件管理器Nautilus Elementary。

You thought the day would never come, but after 6 months and almost 600 fixes we’re bringing you the next step on our way to a final release of elementary OS 0.3!

This beta brings HUGE changes like:

  • Better support for Samba in Files
  • New Calculator & Videos apps
  • UI improvements in Calendar, Photos, System Settings, Slingshot & more
  • Notifications & Firewall settings
  • Better and more discoverable multitasking.
  • Updated 3rd party apps (including Geary, Simple Scan, Document Viewer & more)
  • Updated development libraries (including Gtk 3.14)
  • Security and Stability improvements
  • UEFI/SecureBoot support
  • Tons of stylesheet and icon changes and fixes
  • And way more other stuff than is possibly reasonable to list here ;p

For a full list of changes, check out this page on Launchpad or better yet, go download Freya Beta 2 from the new Beta website!

If you’re looking for Md5, here they are:

32-bit: e665ed6050e315f2a5b5e025ea2c9f23

64bit: 632261fe00c00b41a2c09cf4f0b9a265

The next step along the way is RC1. This is mostly a cleanup and details release. We’ll also be asking translators to step in and help us get Freya ready to release worldwide. If you’d like to get involved with the development of elementary OS, head over to our Get Involved page :)

As always, obligatory disclaimer that this is a work in progress and may still have some minor issues. We ask any press to please pass on a minor warning that most people should probably want to wait until a full stable release before using elementary OS 0.3 Freya. But if you’re okay with your getting your hands a little dirty, we invite you to come test Freya with us while we finish it up.

Lastly, a major shout out to all the people that worked super hard during the Beta 2 milestone to fix so many issues. And another major shout out to everyone backing those developers on BountySource.