Sencha Touch 2.3 发布,基于HTML 5的Mobile App框架

jopen 9年前

Sencha Touch框架是一个基于HTML 5的Mobile App框架。

Sencha Touch可以让你的Web App看起来像Native App。美丽的用户界面组件和丰富的数据管理,全部基于最新的HTML 5和CSS3的 WEB标准,全面兼容Android和iOS设备。


◆基于最新的WEB标准 – HTML 5,CSS3,JavaScript。整个库在压缩和gzip后大约80KB,通过禁用一些组件还会使它更小。





◆HTML 5离线存储

◆HTML 5地理定位

◆Sencha Touch icon设置







◆CSS3 Gradients

◆CSS3 Transitions





Sencha Touch 2.3 发布了,该版本值得关注的新特性包括支持触摸的表格、支持 Cordova 以及新的主题。

The iOS7 Theme for HTML5

Sencha Touch 2.3 发布,基于HTML 5的Mobile App框架

It takes a herculean effort to build themes that look native to your target platform. There is absolutely no doubt that the iOS7 look-and-feel is the most significant change since the first release of iOS. With the release of iOS7, everyone wants to get their apps to look native on iOS7 as soon as possible. With Sencha Touch 2.3, we are providing out-of-the-box support for iOS7. You can upgrade your existing iOS apps built with Sencha Touch very quickly, and you can even choose between Cupertino and Cupertino Classic based on the platform version you are targeting with your iOS apps.

Other New Themes & Enhancements

Sencha Touch 2.3 发布,基于HTML 5的Mobile App框架

The existing themes for Sencha Touch have received a number of enhancements in version 2.3. We have gone through the Blackberry 10 theme in great detail and enhanced its unique look and feel to match Blackberry 10 specifications exactly. In addition, we have included new themes for iOS and Android: Cupertino Classic (pre-iOS7 friendly theme) and Mountain View (Android friendly theme). For more information on BlackBerry 10 theme, visit BlackBerry Developer Blog.

Themes can be used based on their respective platforms using the theme switching capabilities of Sencha Touch. For more details on BlackBerry 10 development, see the BlackBerry Getting Started guide.

The All New Touch Grid

Sencha Touch 2.3 发布,基于HTML 5的Mobile App框架

Sencha Touch Grid is a highly optimized grid component for touch devices. The Touch Grid makes it easy to fetch, sort, filter, and edit large amounts of data on touch devices. It's easy to configure each column of the grid as well as customize any column using column renderers.

The Sencha Touch Grid uses a plugin architecture to support additional grid functionality such as:

  1. ViewOptions to allow showing, hiding and reordering of grid columns
  2. ColumnResizing to allow using pinch gestures to resize columns
  3. Editable to enable editing grid contents for an entire row (one at a time)
  4. MultiSelection to enable selection and deletion of multiple rows at a time
  5. PagingToolbar to quickly navigate to another page of data
  6. SummaryRow to add or pin an additional row of summarized data (averages, max, min, etc.) to the top of the grid

Touch Grid is available as part of Sencha Complete or the Sencha Touch Bundle.

In the near term, we'll be releasing some enhancements to the Touch Grid, including a buffered store. If there's a feature enhancement you want, please suggest it n the forums to help improve the component. Touch Grid will be supported in Sencha Architect 3 via a User Extension in an upcoming release.