Hadoop 与关系数据库相互迁移,Apache Sqoop 1.99.4 发布

jopen 7年前

Sqoop是一个用来将Hadoop和关系型数据库中的数据相互转移的工具,可以将一个关系型数据库(例如 : MySQL ,Oracle ,Postgres等)中的数据导入到Hadoop的HDFS中,也可以将HDFS的数据导入到关系型数据库中。

Apache Sqoop 1.99.4 发布,这是 Sqoop2 的第四个里程碑版本,是非常重要的一个里程碑。



  • [SQOOP-773] - Sqoop2: Batch execution support for client commands

  • [SQOOP-1144] - Sqoop2: Add fixVersion to PreCommit branch detection

  • [SQOOP-1189] - Sqoop2: Ensure that clone methods will correctly copy over all values from all parents

  • [SQOOP-1196] - Sqoop2: Add support for arbitrary compression codecs

  • [SQOOP-1211] - Sqoop2: Derby repo: Sync maximal length of versions

  • [SQOOP-1225] - Sqoop 2 documentation for connector development

  • [SQOOP-1290] - Sqoop2: Kill Tomcat in case that Sqoop Server fails to load

  • [SQOOP-1509] - Sqoop2: Sqoop2 Rest API refactoring

  • [SQOOP-1547] - Sqoop2: Connector API stabilization

  • [SQOOP-1557] - Sqoop2: SQ_CONFIGURABLE ( for entities who own configs)

  • [SQOOP-1566] - Sqoop2: Fix the upgrade logic for SQOOP-1498

  • [SQOOP-1585] - Sqoop2: Prefix mapreduce classes with MR ( no functionality change)

  • [SQOOP-1586] -  Sqoop2: Rename leftovers from the SQOOP2 merge of 1367

  • [SQOOP-1597] - Sqoop2: Refactor DerbySchemaQuery into one for create/ update/ and then CRUD operarations

  • [SQOOP-1620] - Sqoop2: FileSystem should be configurable in HDFS connector

New Feature

  • [SQOOP-777] - Sqoop2: Implement intermediate data format representation policy

  • [SQOOP-1232] - Sqoop2: Provide tooling infrastructure for Sqoop2

  • [SQOOP-1367] - Sqoop2: From/To

其他还有很多 bug 的修复,详情请看 Release Notes