NVIDIA 发布 Linux x64 ​显卡驱动 352.30

jopen 7年前

Nvidia 发布新的 Linux 64位(AMD64/ EM64T)显卡驱动,版本号为352.30,值得关注更新如下:

  • Added support for the following GPU:

    • GeForce 910M

  • Fixed a bug that caused poor video post-processing performance in VDPAU when operating on a large number of video streams simultaneously.

  • Fixed a bug that could cause an Xid error when terminating a video playback application using the overlay presentation queue in VDPAU.

  • Updated nvidia-installer to avoid recursing too deeply into kernel source trees under /usr/lib/modules, mirroring an existing restriction on recursion under /lib/modules.

  • Fixed a rare deadlock condition when running applications that use OpenGL in multiple threads on a Quadro GPU.

  • Fixed a kernel memory leak that occurred when looping hardware - accelerated video decoding with VDPAU on Maxwell-based GPUs.

  • Fixed a bug that caused the X server to crash if a RandR 1.4 output provided by a Sink Output provider was selected as the primary output on X.Org xserver 1.17 and higher.

  • Fixed a bug that caused waiting on X Sync Fence objects in OpenGL to hang indefinitely in some cases.

  • Fixed a bug that prevented OpenGL from properly recovering from hardware errors or sync object waits that had timed out.

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