WEB投票系统 LimeSurvey 发布 2.0 首个 alpha 测试版

jopen 10年前
     <div id="p_fullcontent" class="detail">     <p>LimeSurvey是一个基于WEB的投票系统,它支持MySQL/PostgreSQL。<br /> <span style="font-weight:bold;">它的功能特性</span>:</p>     <ul>      <li>Unlimited number of surveys at the same time</li>      <li>Unlimited number of questions in a survey (only limited by your database)</li>      <li>Unlimited number of participants to a survey</li>      <li>Multi-Lingual Surveys</li>      <li>User-Management</li>      <li>20 different <a title="Explanation of question types" href="/misc/goto?guid=4958196208347040142" target="_blank">question types</a> with more to come</li>      <li>WYSIWYG HTML Editor</li>      <li>Quotas Management</li>      <li>Integration of pictures and movies into a survey </li>      <li>Creation of a printable survey version</li>      <li>Conditions for questions depending on earlier answers (Skip Logic / Branching)</li>      <li>Re-usable editable answer sets</li>      <li>Ready-made <a title="Importable questions" href="/misc/goto?guid=4958196209118262480">importable questions </a></li>      <li>Assessment surveys</li>      <li>Anonymous and Not-Anonymous survey</li>      <li>Open and closed group of participant surveys</li>      <li>Optional public registration for surveys</li>      <li>Sending of invitations, reminders and tokens by email</li>      <li>Option for participants to buffer answers to continue survey at a later time</li>      <li>Cookie or session based surveys</li>      <li>Template editor for creating your own page layout </li>      <li>Extended and user-friendly administration interface</li>      <li>Back-office data entry possibility</li>      <li>Survey expiry dates for automation</li>      <li>Enhanced import and export functions to text, CSV, PDF, SPSS, R, queXML and MS Excel format</li>      <li>Basic statistical and graphical analysis with export facility</li>      <li>Screen Reader Accessiblity</li>      <li>W3C compliance</li>      <li>Supporting more than <a href="/misc/goto?guid=4958196209862623013">50 different languages</a> in frontend and backend </li>     </ul>     <p>项目地址:<a href="/misc/goto?guid=4958184046230799099" target="_blank">http://www.limesurvey.org/</a><br /> 在线演示:<a href="/misc/goto?guid=4958196211290875312" target="_blank">http://www.limesurvey.org/en/demo</a><br /> <img title="WEB投票系统 LimeSurvey" border="0" alt="WEB投票系统 LimeSurvey" src="https://simg.open-open.com/show/a27b6a94e21ecd6643b31971c8d26be6.gif" width="90" height="90" /><br /> LimeSurvey 2.0 第一个 alpha 测试版本发布了。</p>     <p><strong>从1.91+ 到 2.0alpha变化情况:</strong></p>     <ul>      <li>Ported LimeSurvey to use the <a href="/misc/goto?guid=4958196212038127553">CodeIgniter</a> PHP framework (magiclko,dionet)</li>      <li>Advanced way to create conditions/piping/micro-tailoring based on equations by using the Expression Manage (EM) engine (tmswhite)</li>      <li>Auto-generate Relevance Equation from Conditions when save question (tmswhite)</li>      <li>GUI for ExpressionManager (tmswhite)</li>      <li>A real installer (magiclko)</li>      <li>CodeMirror UI editor now used when editing templates  (magiclko)</li>      <li>$lwcdropdowns setting removed from config-defaults.php and moved to Advanced question settings for List with Comment question type (c_schmitz)</li>      <li>Ability to make last minute changes in the survey activation screen to settings that cannot be changed after activation anymore (c_schmitz)</li>      <li>Export multiple survey archives at the survey list as one big ZIP file (c_schmitz)</li>      <li>Export survey ZIP archive function with includes the survey structure, responses, tokens and timings - can be used for archival purposes or to move a survey from one server to another. (c_schmitz)</li>      <li>Global setting to restrict the languages being available in administration or frontend (c_schmitz)</li>      <li>Implemented mass actions in surveylist which allows to delete/expire several surveys at the same time - only available to super administrators (c_schmitz)</li>      <li>In deactivation screen you can choose now between deactivation and expiration (c_schmitz)</li>      <li>Multilingual question attributes (c_schmitz)</li>      <li>New RemoteControl 2 XML-RPC interface (instead of the old SOAP interface) (c_schmitz)</li>      <li>Randomization groups for question groups (c_schmitz)</li>      <li>Reorder questions/question groups per Drag-n-drop (c_schmitz)</li>      <li>Show modified question attributes at question summary (c_schmitz)</li>      <li>URL params for integration of survey panels (c_schmitz)</li>     </ul>     <p><img title="WEB投票系统 LimeSurvey 发布 2.0 首个 alpha 测试版" border="0" alt="WEB投票系统 LimeSurvey 发布 2.0 首个 alpha 测试版" src="https://simg.open-open.com/show/cf401815156bd34049c6dcc51a305252.jpg" width="571" height="578" /></p>    </div>