Bumblebee 3.0 发布,NVIDIA“优驰”技术实现

fmms 12年前
     <div style="text-align:justify;">     <a href="/misc/goto?guid=4958326399247080071" target="_blank">Optimus </a>是NVIDIA的“优驰”技术,其可以将您的笔记本电脑PC提升到绝佳状态,提供出色的图形性能,并在需要时延长电池续航时间。Bumblebee 项目是把这个技术移到Linux上来。    </div>    <div style="text-align:justify;"></div>    <p><strong>Bumblebee 3.0 "Tumbleweed"</strong> 昨天已发布,主要特性:</p>    <ul>     <li>Server / client re-written in C which provides increased performance and reliability</li>     <li>Automatic power management which also survives suspend</li>     <li>Improved error detection and reporting</li>     <li>Better system integration</li>     <li>Switch to Upstart startup mechanism</li>     <li>acpi_call has been replaced with bbswitch and vga_switcheroo</li>     <li>Nouveau support for the Ubuntu PPA package</li>     <li>"optirun --status" will now show the current status of Bumblebee and the secondary GPU on your system</li>     <li>Xorg configuration greatly simplified, provided defaults usually work out of the box.</li>    </ul>    <p>完整记录请看 <a class="external" href="/misc/goto?guid=4958326400055596018">here</a>.<br /> </p>