Android Studio 1.4 RC 1 发布

jopen 7年前

Android Studio 1.4 RC 1 发布,此版本现已推送到 canary 频道,同时把 Beta 4 升级至 Beta 4 频道。

RC 1 包含各种 bug 修复:

  • Fixes for high-density displays on Linux (and in general, we have more information on how to configure high density displays for Windows and Linux in this document)

  • Many more fixes to the templates (activities, etc), visual refresh, and removed misc warnings

  • Vector icons displayed properly in the editor margin

  • Layout editor bug with duplicate id's in RelativeLayouts

  • Auto completion of upper-cased permission names in manifest files

  • Inferring nullity in multi-module project

  • Lint warns about missing platform-tools 23.0.1 (prevents properly API checking Android M calls) or using buildTools pre-23.0.1 (to prevent crashes on some devices for RTL attributes)

  • Fix build errors with vector image generation on OSX when using Java 6 to run the IDE and Java 7 to run the IDE ("Could not find class: apple.awt.CGraphicsEnvironment")

  • Fix git module configuration bug

  • Misc theme editor bugs

  • Misc crash reporter bugs