Skolelinux 8.0 Beta 1 发布

jopen 7年前

Skolelinux是Debian-edu项目开发中的Custom Debian Distribution(CDD)。它的目标是为中学和大学提供一份超平常的本地化环境。伴随所谓的超平常环境而来的是75个面向学校的应用程序,以及为学校环境而预先定制好的15个网络服务。它提供一套简单的、三个询问式的安装过程,并且这只需要最低限度的技术知识。Skolelinux仍然是 Debian,这意味着,如同Debian一样,Skolelinux不需要花费许可证费用或类似的担心,并且软件的升级和维护可以依靠Debian的 apt-get的力量,通过Internet来完成。Skolelinux的核心目标是本地化,以及系统管理的易用性。

== Where to download ==

A multi-architecture CD / usbstick image (649 MiB) for network booting can be
downloaded at the following locations:
    rsync -avzP
CD.iso .

The SHA1SUM of this image is: 54a524d16246cddd8d2cfd6ea52f2dd78c47ee0a

Alternatively an extended DVD / usbstick image (4.9 GiB) is also available,
with more software included (saving additional download time):
    rsync -avzP

The SHA1SUM of this image is: fb1f1504a490c077a48653898f9d6a461cb3c636

Sources are available from the Debian archive, see for some download options.

== Debian Edu Jessie manual in seven languages ==

Please see for the
English version of the Debian Edu jessie manual.

This manual has been fully translated to German, French, Italian, Danish,
Dutch and Norwegian Bokmål. A partly translated version exists for Spanish.
See for online version of the
translated manual.

More information about Debian 8 "Jessie" itself is provided in the release
notes and the installation manual:

== Errata / known problems ==

    It takes up to 15 minutes for a changed hostname to be updated via DHCP

    The hostname script fails to update LTSP server hostname (#783087).
Workaround: run update-hostname-from-ip on the client to update the hostname

Check for a possibly more
current and complete list.

== Some more details about Debian Edu 8.0+edu0~b1 Codename Jessie released
2015-04-25 ==

=== Software updates ===

Everything which is new in Debian 8 Jessie, e.g.:

  Linux kernel 3.16.7-ctk9; for the i386 architecture, support for i486
processors has been dropped; oldest supported ones: i586 (like Intel Pentium
and AMD K5).
Desktop environments KDE Plasma Workspaces 4.11.13, GNOME 3.14, Xfce 4.12,
LXDE 0.5.6
   new optional desktop environment: MATE 1.8
  KDE Plasma Workspaces is installed by default; to choose one of the
others see the manual.
  the browsers Iceweasel 31 ESR and Chromium 41
LibreOffice 4.3.3
  GOsa 2.7.4
LTSP 5.5.4
  CUPS print system 1.7.5
new boot framework: systemd
  Educational toolbox GCompris 14.12
Music creator Rosegarden 14.02
  Image editor Gimp 2.8.14
Virtual stargazer Stellarium 0.13.1
  golearn 0.9
tuxpaint 0.9.22
  New version of debian-installer from Debian Jessie.
Debian Jessie includes about 43000 packages available for installation.
 * More information about Debian 8 Jessie is provided in its release notes and
the installation manual, see the link above.