KeePass 2.32 发布,密码管理工具

jopen 8年前

KeePass 2.32 发布,KeePass是一款密码管理工具.它能帮你记住电子邮件,主页FTP,上网,论坛等用户名和密码,而免去了你众多的烦恼,节省了时间.它把密码保存在高度加密的数据库中,不能让其他人和其他应用程序所识别.

KeePass 2.32 发布,密码管理工具


New Features:

  • The quick search box (in the toolbar of the main window) now supports searching using a regular expression; in order to indicate that the search text is a regular expression, enclose it in ‘//’; for example, performing a quick search for ‘//Michael|Adam//’ shows all entries containing ‘Michael’ or ‘Adam’.

  • Added ‘Advanced’ tab in the ‘Open From URL’ dialog (easily extensible by plugins); added options: timeout, pre-authenticate, HTTP/HTTPS/WebDAV user agent and 100-Continue behavior, FTP passive mode.

  • Added per-user Start Menu Internet Application detection.

  • When selecting an entry in the main entry list, its parent group is now selected automatically in the group tree view.

  • Auto-Type matching: added option ‘Expired entries can match’ (turned off by default, i.e. expired entries are ignored).

  • Added option ‘Always show global auto-type entry selection dialog’ (to show the dialog even when no or one entry is found for the currently active target window; turned off by default).

  • Added {GROUP_NOTES} placeholder.

  • Added support for importing nPassword NPW files.

  • In triggers and KPScript, an import/export module can now be specified both using its display name and its format name.

  • When running under .NET 4.5 or higher, secure connections (e.g. for WebDAV) now support TLS 1.1 and TLS 1.2 (in addition to SSL 3 and TLS 1.0).

  • Added Mono workaround: when running on the Unity or Pantheon desktop, KeePass now does not try to instantiate a tray icon anymore; if you want a tray icon on Unity/Pantheon, use theapplication indicator plugin.

  • Added workaround for Mono not implementing the property SystemInformation.SmallIconSize for Mac OS X systems.

  • Added command line parameter ‘-wa-disable:’ for disabling specific Mono workarounds (IDs separated by commas).

  • KPScript: if the value of a ‘-ref-*:’ parameter is enclosed in ‘//’, it is now treated as a regular expression, which must occur in the entry field for an entry to match.

  • KPScript: .NET 4.0/4.5 is now preferred, if installed.

  • KPScript: enhanced high DPI support.


  • Auto-Type: improved compatibility with target windows that handle activation slowly and ignore any input until being ready (like Microsoft Edge).

  • Auto-Type: improved sending of characters that are typically realized with the AltGr key.

  • When editing a custom entry string, the value text box now has the initial focus.

  • Improved image/icon shrinking.

  • Improved icon recoloring on high DPI resolutions.

  • Changed some ICO files such that higher resolution images are used.

  • Changed some PNG files to workaround the image DPI scaling behavior on Windows XP.

  • Improved new-line filtering in the main entry view.

  • When trying to use the Windows user account as part of a composite master key fails, a more detailed error message is displayed now.

  • The ‘About’ dialog now indicates whether the current build is a development snapshot.

  • Changed code signing certificate.

  • Upgraded installer.

  • Various code optimizations.

  • Minor other improvements.


  • After an incomplete drag&drop operation over the group tree view, the previous group selection is now restored.