Java 快速序列化库,FST 2.12 发布

jopen 7年前

FST fast-serialization 是重新实现的 Java 快速对象序列化的开发包。序列化速度更快(2-10倍)、体积更小,而且兼容 JDK 原生的序列化。要求 JDK 1.7 支持。

FST 2.12 发布了,改进记录包括:

  • did some optimization to get 2.x performance closer to 1.x

  • added (optional) off heap configuration using unsafe to read/write values

  • added simple api (see DefaultCoder) to directly serialize from/to byte arrays without the need for streams

  • added possibility to directly serialize from/to offheap memory (long adr) zero copy (see OffHeapCoder, OnHeapCoder).

  • added Long2Object Offheap hashmap

  • fixed bug in offheap map