Yioop! 0.92 发布,PHP 全文搜索引擎

jopen 7年前

Yioop! 是一个开源的搜索引擎采用PHP开发,使用MySQL或SQLite 来自存储数据。



开源的PHP搜索引擎 - Yioop!

它支持的索引文件类型包括:HTML, DOC, PNG, JPG, GIF, XML, sitemaps, RSS等。


发布说明: This version includes a new hybrid inverted index/suffix tree indexing scheme that should make calculating search results from future crawls faster (doesn't affect old crawls). It can make use of HTTP ETag: and Expire: information when deciding whether to download a URL it has seen before. It also supports the creation of classifiers using active learning. These can be used to label and add scoring information to documents during a crawl. This release includes improvements to the RSS feed news_updater and a segmenter for Chinese