jEdit 5.0.0 发布,基于Java的程序员的文本编辑器

jopen 6年前

这是jEdit 5.0 系列的第一个稳定版本。

是一个用Java语言开发的文本编辑器,在GPL下发布。它可以在Windows、Linux、Mac OS等多种平台下运行,并且有很多插件,可以扩充基本功能。它也支持80多种文件类型的文法加亮显示。支持包括UTF-8在内的多种字符编码。


  • 国际化 - jEdit now supports switching between default locale, French, German, Russian, Czech, and Japanese. Some translations for those locales are provided, containing common jEdit labels. It is also now possible to add new or contribute to existing translation property files for jEdit core as well as for plugins.
  • 键盘映射- named collections of shortcuts. Example keymaps for Emacs, MacOS, German Keyboard, Intellij and classic jEdit are provided, and users can create or customize them.
  • 新的编辑选项:Disable or simplified automatic indentation, and default response when opening a large file.
  • 更新html/css编辑模式,增加HTML5/CSS3关键字支持。Added a dozen new edit modes, updated a dozen more.
  • Scrolling - Many bugs (#2832769, #2998294, #3193168, possibly others), related to soft wrap, multiline delete/cut, undo, and folding, that could cause the text area to be confused about its location, are fixed. This greatly improves the stability of jEdit. Thank you, Thomas Meyer!
下载: Java-based installer 3.0 MiB (For any operating system)

Windows Installer 3.3 MiB

Mac OS X package 5.9 MiB

Debian package 4.0 MiB

Slackware package 4.0 MiB

User's guide 0.6 MiB (PDF with A4 paper, 141 pages)

User's guide 0.6 MiB (PDF with US letter paper, 152 pages)

Source code 2.2 MiB