Java高性能网络应用框架,Netty 4.0.25.Final 发布

jopen 8年前

Netty 4.0.25.Final 在 2014 年结束之前发布了,该版本修复了超过 20 个 bug,同时包含如下新特性和改进:

  • SSL

    • Works as a drop-in replacement of JDK stockSSLEngineImpl!

    • SslContextadds ALPN and mutual authentication support.

    • SslHandler.renegotiate()adds proper SSL renegotiation support.

    • SniHandleradds Server Name Indication support.

    • OpenSslEngineis now (almost) feature-complete with client mode support.

  • SPDY

    • Pushed resource support

  • HTTP

    • Higher performance

  • Linux native transport (epoll)

    • Higher performance

详细列表请看:issue tracker.

Netty 提供异步的、事件驱动的网络应用程序框架和工具,用以快速开发高性能、高可靠性的网络服务器和客户端程序。



Java高性能网络应用框架,Netty 4.0.25.Final 发布



  • Unified API for various transport types - blocking and non-blocking socket
  • Based on a flexible and extensible event model which allows clear separation of concerns
  • Highly customizable thread model - single thread, one or more thread pools such as SEDA
  • True connectionless datagram socket support (since 3.1)

Ease of use

  • Well-documented Javadoc, user guide and examples
  • No additional dependencies, JDK 5 (Netty 3.x) or 6 (Netty 4.x) is enough


  • Better throughput, lower latency
  • Less resource consumption
  • Minimized unnecessary memory copy


  • Complete SSL/TLS and StartTLS support


  • Release early, release often
  • The author has been writing similar frameworks since 2003 and he still finds your feed back precious!