JEE开发工具 JRebel 5.0.1 发布

openkk 12年前
   <p>JRebel是一套JavaEE开发工具。JRebel允许开发团队在有限的时间内完成更多的任务修正更多的问题,发布更高质量的软件产品。 JRebel是收费软件,用户可以在JRebel官方站点下载30天的评估版本。</p>    <p>jrebel 5.0.1 发布,下载地址:</p>    <p>5.0.1 (18th July 2012) 改进内容:</p>    <p>Added support for WAS 8.5 Liberty Profile<br /> Added support for TomEE 1.0<br /> Added support for Restlet framework<br /> Added support for MyFaces 1.1<br /> Added support for log4j 1.2.17<br /> Added support for ZK 6<br /> Added support for Scalate<br /> Added support for repackaged Jsr250 Metadata in newer WLS servers<br /> Improved enum handling<br /> Improved support for Hibernate 4<br /> Improved support for GWT 2.5.0-RC1<br /> Improved GWT integration performance<br /> Improved WAS integration performance<br /> Improved JBoss7 integration performance<br /> Fixed OpenJPA integration<br /> Fixed Geronimo 3 classloader integration<br /> Fixed adding new method to @Stateless JaxRS resource that caused @PersistenceContext to be null<br /> Fixed premature reload event on WebLogic when EJBs were not yet fully deployed<br /> Fixed NPE in Tiles1 plugin<br /> Fixed Apache CXF 2.6.1 integration<br /> Fixed adding Spring FactoryBean breaking reloading and Spring context<br /> Fixed Spring BeanDefinitionParsingException when using <task:annotation-driven> and including resources with "classpath*:"<br /> Fixed NPE occuring on certain conditions in Spring LocalSessionFactoryBean<br /> Fixed NPE on Liferay</p>