MySQL备份工具 Percona XtraBackup 1.9.1 发布

openkk 11年前
     <a href="/misc/goto?guid=4958319579953596557" target="_blank">XtraBackup </a>是一个用来备份 MySQL 的    <a href="" target="_blank">InnoDB </a>数据库的开源工具,支持增量备份。    <br />    <br /> Percona XtraBackup 1.9.1 发布了,但Percona 目前已经在开始 Percona XtraBackup 2.0 的开发,而 1.9.1 版本其实相当于 2.0 的第二个 Beta 版。    <div class="entry-content">     <p>该版本增加一些令人兴奋的新特性和 bug 修复:</p>     <p>新特性包括:</p>     <ul>      <li>Backup and restore of LRU dump.<br /> For servers that support  dump and restore of the XtraDB buffer pool (LRU), namely Percona Server, this will enable a server restored from backup to give excellent performance without a lengthy “warm up” time. If provisioning a slave, this means your new slave will end up with a warmed up buffer pool to mimic that of the master.</li>      <li>Streaming incremental backups.<br /> It is now possible to stream incremental backups, lifting a limitation from previous versions where it was only possible to stream full backups.</li>      <li>Parallel compression<br /> Percona XtraBackup can now use multiple CPUs to perform a compressed backup, significantly reducing the amount of time needed.</li>      <li>Parallel compression (‘<code>--compress-threads</code>‘) can be used together with parallel file copying (‘<code>--parallel</code>‘). For example, ‘<code>--parallel=4 --compress --compress-threads=2</code>‘ will create 4 IO threads that will read the data and pipe it to 2 compression threads.</li>      <li>New streaming format to work with parallel compression.<br /> The xbstream format is now supported along with the tar format. The new xbstream format works with parallel compression to (without caching) stream several compressed files at once.</li>      <li><code>tar4ibd</code> functionality is replaced by functionality in the xtrabackup binary itself.</li>      <li>The <code>xbstream</code> utility is added<br /> This utility has a tar like interface to the xbstream format.</li>     </ul>    </div>