XWiki 8.0 发布,Java 的 Wiki 系统

jopen 8年前

XWiki 8.0 发布了,XWiki是一个由Java编写的基于LGPL协议发布的开源wiki和应用平台。它的开发平台特性允许创建协作式Web应用,同时也提供了构建于平台之上的打包应用(第二代wiki)。


The work on a new as small as possible distribution of XWiki has started. The key goal is to try to have a WAR as small as possible on which you install one of the Flavors automatically found in the registered repositories (meaning http://extensions.xwiki.org/ for now).

The size is still not very far from XE (188M compared to the 219M XE), one important limitation is that we kept some old plugins because they are hard to install as extensions (you need to modify xwiki.cfg and restart). We need to convert them to proper components so that we can move them to contrib as "pure" extensions.

There is still two important know limitation in that version that we hope to have in 8.0 final or 8.1 at worst:

  • make flavors search in the Distribution Wizard asynchronous, the step is blocked for a long time right now which is not very nice

  • support upgrade of invalid flavor (search for a valid replacement in that case)

It's still experimental and should be avoided in production but the move has started and we are very excited by the new opportunity this will bring!

下载链接: http://www.xwiki.org/xwiki/bin/view/Main/Download

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