Openfire 3.10.3 发布,即时消息传输平台

jopen 8年前

Openfire 3.10.3 发布,该版本修复12个 issue,更新如下:

Bug 修复

  • [OF-332] -         ldap.connect.timeout not working with SSL connection

  • [OF-477] -         SASL server in OF creates digest-uri based on xmpp.fqdn but it sends xmpp.domain to the client

  • [OF-881] -         NIOConnection Thread Deadlock when two clients in each others roster simultaneously disconnect

  • [OF-887] -         ldap.readTimeout not used when LDAP getContext() is called for queries

  • [OF-903] -         ISE attempting to write data to a closed/closing session

  • [OF-918] -         Character encoding issue in BOSH

  • [OF-926] -         Clients can't authenticate using LDAP SSL

  • [OF-938] -         BOSH packet namespace issue

  • [OF-949] -         Offline message delivery failures

  • [OF-954] -         Openfire clustering fails to correctly sync MUC room occupants

  • [OF-966] -         failure tag not closed for TLS Negotiation Failure


  • [OF-933] -         Update websocket support per RFC 7395



Openfire 是实时的基于WEB的即时消息传输平台,是原来的Jive Messenger