Web 的 UI 框架,Foundation 6.1.1 Charon 发布

jopen 6年前

Foundation 是一个易用、强大而且灵活的框架,用于构建基于任何设备上的 Web 应用。提供多种 Web 上的 UI 组件,如表单、按钮、Tabs 等等。
Foundation 6.1.1 Charon 发布,更新如下:

  • Added !default to $foundation-colors, in case you want to modify it yourself. It was not added to the settings file, however.

  • Removed a rogue root-level & in Sass that caused errors in Ruby Sass.

  • Prevent the open trigger of off-canvas from firing multiple times.

  • Fixed two issues with off-canvas panes that use the .reveal-for-* classes:

    • If an off-canvas is revealed, a click trigger won't open it.

    • If an off-canvas is open on a small screen and the browser is scaled up, it will "close" properly.

  • Fixed an issue with Sticky where calling data-sticky with no anchor points would cause it to remain sticky only for the height of the view, not the height of the document.

  • Fix Abide not firing the formvalid and forminvalid elements from form elements.

  • Added an option for off-canvas to trap focus, trapFocus. The default value is false.

  • Fixed the Interchange replaced event not firing for replaced background images.

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