Percona Server 5.6.28 和 5.5.47 发布

jopen 8年前

Percona Server 5.6.28和5.5.47发布,更新如下:

Bugs 修复:

  • Clustering secondary index could not be created on a partitioned TokuDB table. Bug fixed #1527730 (DB-720).

  • When enabled, super-read-only option could break statement-based replication while executing a multi-table update statement on a slave. Bug fixed #1441259.

  • RunningOPTIMIZE TABLEorALTER TABLEwithout theENGINEclause would silently change table engine if enforce_storage_engine variable was active. This could also result in system tables being changed to incompatible storage engines, breaking server operation. Bug fixed #1488055.

  • Setting the innodb_sched_priority_purge variable (available only in debug builds) while purge threads were stopped would cause a server crash. Bug fixed #1368552.

  • Small buffer pool size could cause XtraDB buffer flush thread to spin at 100% CPU. Bug fixed #1433432.

  • Enabling TokuDB withps_tokudb_adminscript inside the Docker container would cause an error due to insufficient privileges even when running as root. In order for this script to be used inside Docker containers this error has be been changed to a warning that a check is impossible. Bug fixed #1520890.

  • InnoDB status will start printing negative values for spin rounds per wait, if the wait number, even though being accounted as a signed 64-bit integer, will not fit into a signed 32-bit integer. Bug fixed #1527160 (upstream #79703).

Other bugs fixed: #1384595 (upstream #74579), #1384658 (upstream #74619), #1471141 (upstream #77705), #1179451, #1524763 and #1530102.



Percona 为 MySQL 数据库服务器进行了改进,在功能和性能上较 MySQL 有着很显著的提升。该版本提升了在高负载情况下的 InnoDB 的性能、为 DBA 提供一些非常有用的性能诊断工具;另外有更多的参数和命令来控制服务器行为。

Percona Server 只包含 MySQL 的服务器版,并没有提供相应对 MySQL 的 Connector 和 GUI 工具进行改进。

Percona Server 使用了一些 google-mysql-tools, Proven Scaling, Open Query 对 MySQL 进行改造。