Apache Storm 0.9.4 发布,分布式实时计算

dy223 9年前

Apache Storm 0.9.4 发布了,这是一个维护版本,主要是一些重要的 bug 修复,提升了稳定性和容错,建议用户升级。


  • STORM-559: ZkHosts in README should use 2181 as port.
  • STORM-682: supervisor should handle worker state corruption gracefully.
  • STORM-693: when kafka bolt fails to write tuple, it should report error instead of silently acking.
  • STORM-329: fix cascading Storm failure by improving reconnection strategy and buffering messages
  • STORM-130: Supervisor getting killed due to java.io.FileNotFoundException: File '../stormconf.ser' does not exist.

Storm downloads

Downloads for Storm are below. Instructions for how to set up a Storm cluster can be found here.

Source Code

Current source code is hosted on GitHub, apache/storm

Current Release

The current release is 0.9.4. Source and binary distributions can be found below. The list of changes for this release can be found here. Storm artifacts are hosted in Maven Central. You can add Storm as a dependency with the following coordinates:
groupId: org.apache.storm artifactId: storm-core  version: 0.9.4    
The signing keys for releases can be found here.Apache Storm 的前身是 推ter Storm 平台,目前已经归于 Apache 基金会管辖。

Apache Storm 是一个免费开源的分布式实时计算系统。简化了流数据的可靠处理,像 Hadoop 一样实现实时批处理。Storm 很简单,可用于任意编程语言。Apache Storm 采用 Clojure 开发。

Storm 有很多应用场景,包括实时数据分析、联机学习、持续计算、分布式 RPC、ETL 等。Storm 速度非常快,一个测试在单节点上实现每秒一百万的组处理。


Apache Storm 0.9.4 发布,分布式实时计算