VirtualBox 5.0.6发布 支持 Linux Kernel 4.3, systemd及El Capitan

jopen 9年前

Oracle 于今日发布了 VirtualBox 5.0.6!从更新日志来看,VirtualBox 5.0.6 是一个功能集中更新的版本,其中比较有趣的特性有:内置更新检测功能、支持配置 HTTP 代理、快捷键重新分配、原生支持 systemd 以及对各种 Linux 发行版更好的支持,最大的更新看点莫过于支持 Linux kernel 4.3 内核了。

此外,Linux 客户机控制组件也得到了增强和改进,Windows 主机音频延迟问题也已修复,启动过程中的一些个小问题也已经修复,同时还修复了 VLC Media Player 和 Windows Media Player 的一些问题。当然,一些奇奇怪怪的网络问题也已经得到了解决。

除了上面提到的许多新功能,Oracle VirtualBox 5.0.6 还支持苹果刚发布的 OS X 10.11 El Capitan 操作系统,其中包括对共享文件夹冒号问题的支持和改进,以及捕获 USB 设备方面的改进。而且,OS X 10.11 El Capitan 的图形界面支持处理上也更为优异。 5.0.6 更新列表:

  • GUI: the update check now uses the HTTP system proxy settings by default

  • GUI: About dialog improvements. Copyable version text, do not close dialog on mouse-clicks and focus losing, explicit close button at the bottom of dialog and disabled close button fix on OS X. (bugs #9912, #12749)

  • GUI: fixed bug when re-assigning shortcuts (bug #14565)

  • GUI: fixed default focus button in message-box dialogs (bug #14486)

  • GUI: fixed settings dialog which is opened if the network settings need to be changed at VM startup (5.0.0 regression; bug #14601)

  • GUI: fixed crash during VM start if an early error message needs to be shown, for example Linux kernel modules not present (bug #14646)

  • Bridged Networking: fixed handling of guest DHCP requests without UDP checksum when bridging to a wireless interface (bug #14615)

  • Audio: latency fixes (Windows hosts only; bug #4088)

  • Guest Control: correctly set USERNAME and USERPROFILE environment variables (Windows guests only)

  • Guest Control: several fixes

  • API: properly restore NAT port forwarding rules when reverting to a snapshot

  • Parallel ports: Several fixes allowing to enable two parallel ports for a VM

  • VBoxManage: fixed wrong output of debugvm show command

  • VBoxManage: fixed hang when specifying logging groups with debugvm log starting with h, for example hex

  • Windows hosts: renamed VBoxStartup.log to VBoxHardening.log and provide this log file in the GUI log viewer

  • Windows hosts: fixed a small memory leak in the Windows host interface driver (VBoxNetAdp) which caused a BSOD if the driver verifier is enabled (bug #14562)

  • Windows hosts: fixed a failure to start VMs on hosts where dsound.dll is not available (bug #14574)

  • Windows hosts: another fix for VERR_LDR_MISMATCH_NATIVE errors (bug #14579)

  • Windows hosts: fixed host-to-guest communication with bridged networking (bugs #14326, #14457)

  • Windows hosts: fixed broken data receiving from the serial device with the named pipe backend if Kaspersky AV is installed

  • Linux hosts: Linux 4.3 compile fixes

  • Linux hosts: installer fix for certain systems (bug #14627)

  • Linux hosts / guests: native systemd support for the host/guest installer scripts. The scripts for re-compiling the kernel modules are now located at /sbin/rcvboxdrv (host) and /sbin/rcvboxadd (Guest Additions)

  • Mac OS X hosts: GUI-related fixes for El Capitan

  • Mac OS X hosts: fixed a problem with capturing USB devices under El Capitan

  • Mac OS X hosts: allow colon character on shared folders (bug #14554)

  • Linux Additions: properly set the VBoxService process ID in the PID file (bug #14571)

  • Linux Additions: Guest Control fixes (bug #14573)

  • Windows Additions: fixed shutting down VBoxTray when running with older VirtualBox host versions

  • Windows Additions: fixed video playback with VLC and Windows Media Player when the WDDM driver is used and 3D is not used

  • Windows Additions: prevent a possible VLC crash when the WDDM driver is used and 3D is enabled by implementing YV12 surfaces


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