HTML5 游戏开发框架,Phaser 2.4.1 发布

jopen 8年前

Phaser 是一个开源的桌面和移动 HTML5 2D 游戏开发框架,支持 JavaScript 和 TypeScript。

HTML5 游戏开发框架,Phaser 2.4.1 发布

Phaser 2.4.1 "Ionin Spring" 发布,此版本是一个小版本,包括一些 Creature 运行时更新和一些缓存问题修复。同时还修改了 Grunt 构建脚本,所以所有的第三方库 (such as Creature, P2, gl-matrix and PIXI) 可以很好的与 Phaser 运行。



  • The Creature Runtimes have been updated to the latest versions and the Phaser.Creature class updated to use them.

  • GameObjectFactory.creature is a new method to help with quick Creature animation object creation.

  • Cache.getPixiTexture will now search the image cache if it couldn't find a texture in the PIXI.TextureCache global array, if it finds a matching image in the image cache then it returns a new PIXI.Texture based on it.

  • Cache.getPixiBaseTexture will now search the image cache if it couldn't find a BaseTexture in the PIXI.BaseTextureCache global array.

Bug 修复

  • Fixed Cache.getKeys to use the _cacheMap (thanks @jamesgroat #1929)

  • Safari on OSX wouldn't recognise button presses on trackpads (thanks JakeCake)

  • Cache.removeImage now calls destroy on the image BaseTexture, removing it from the PIXI global caches without throwing a warning.