MySQL/Galera 0.8.2 发布

webphp 13年前
     <p>Galera 是一套在 MySQL InnoDB 上面实现 Multi-master 且同步复制的系统。</p>    <p><img title="MySQL/Galera 0.8.2 发布" border="0" alt="MySQL/Galera 0.8.2 发布" src="" /></p>    <p><strong>变化:</strong></p>    <p>1. 支持SSL和添加一个arbitrator daemon<br /> 2. Old bugs that were fixed include an integer overflow on 32-bit platforms with dumps larger than 2Gb, <br /> 3. a crash on group remerge<span class="truncate_more"> under certain circumstances, <br /> 4. failure of rsync SST when the MySQL data directory on the donor node contains files readable only by root, <br /> 5. omission of SSL support in the build of mysqld. <br /> 6. Built-in InnoDB is no longer supported. <br /> 7. The InnoDB plugin is loaded by default<br /> <br /> 项目地址:<a href="/misc/goto?guid=4958183809950912184" target="_blank"></a></span></p>