Endian Firewall 3.0 发布,保护网络并改善连接性能

jopen 10年前

Endian Firewall是一份统一风险管理工具,它保护网络并改善连接性能。基于Red Hat Enterprise Linux,Endian Firewall百分之百地源码开放,并广泛包含多种功能部件,例如状态检测防火墙、HTTP/FTP病毒防护、内容过滤、POP3/SMTP病毒防护、反网络钓鱼和反垃圾邮件工具、SSL/TLS虚拟专用网、入侵检测系统,以及其他一些功用。
Endian Firewall 3.0 发布
Endian has announced the immediate availability of Endian Firewall 3.0, a new "bleeding-edge" release of the Linux-based distribution designed for firewalls and routers: " Finally the Endian Firewall Community 3.0 has reached its final stage. This release includes the following changes: HTTPS filtering; SMTP proxy - domain management and SMTP delivery status notification configuration; OpenV*N - support for TUN mode, connections page for V*N users; user management and authentication - user management for OpenV*N, integrated certificate authority, external certificate authority support, user password and certificate management (two-factor authentication); logging and reporting - live network traffic monitoring (powered by ntopng), system status graphs are not lost at every reboot, images for SMTP mail statistics graphs...." See the release announcement and release notes for further information. Download: EFW-COMMUNITY-3.0.0.iso (208MB, MD5).