Java的ORM框架 jOOQ 1.6.4 发布

fmms 13年前
     <p>jOOQ 高效的合并了复杂SQL、类型安全、源码生成、Active Records、存储过程以及高级数据类型的 Java 类库。<br /> 项目地址:<a href="/misc/goto?guid=4958183625154729377" target="_blank"></a></p>    <p>示例代码:</p>    <pre class="brush:java; toolbar: true; auto-links: false;">// Create a new record and insert it into the database  TBookRecord book = create.newRecord(T_BOOK);  book.setTitle("My first book");;    // Update it with new values  book.setPublishedIn(2010);;    // Delete it  book.delete();</pre>    <p></p>    <p><span class="truncate_more">该版本引入了来自其他框架的不少灵感,例如:</span></p>    <ul>     <li>#selecting into custom POJOs is possible. </li>     <li>Results can be mapped to POJOs by convention or using<span class="truncate_more"> JPA @Column annotations. <br /> </span></li>     <li><span class="truncate_more">#selecting into custom callbacks, which is already a wide-spread practice in Spring JdbcTemplates. <br /> </span></li>     <li><span class="truncate_more">#selecting long-running queries asynchronously, an idea inspired by the Avaje Ebean framework. <br /> </span></li>     <li><span class="truncate_more">Apart from these changes and some bugfixes, the internal API has been completely redesigned</span></li>    </ul>    <p></p>