jopen 6年前




  • Python: Fix, the gi_running attribute of generators is no longer an int, but bool instead.

  • Python3: Fix, the int built-in with two arguments, value and base, raised UnicodeDecodeError instead of ValueError for illegal bytes given as value.

  • Python3: Using to read source code, instead of reading manually and decoding from tokenize.detect_encoding, this handles corner cases more compatible.

  • Fix, the PyLint warnings plug-in could crash in some cases, make sure it's more robust.

  • Windows: Fix, the combination of AnaConda Python, MinGW 64 bits and mere acceleration was not working. Issue#254.

  • Standalone: Preserve not only namespace packages created by .pth files, but also make the imports done by them. This makes it more compatible with uses of it in Fedora 22.

  • Standalone: The extension modules could be duplicated, turned this into an error and cache finding them during compile time and during early import resolution to avoid duplication.

  • Standalone: Handle "not found" from ldd output, on some systems not all the libraries wanted are accessible for every library.

  • Python3.5: Fixed support for namespace packages, these were not yet working for that version yet.

  • Python3.5: Fixes lack of support for unpacking in normal tuple, list, and set creations.

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Nuitka 是一个Python的替代品,支持 CPython 提供的代码,可翻译 Python 代码到 C++ 程序,并使用 libpython 来执行这些代码,就像 CPython 一样。兼容 Python 2.6, 2.7, 3.2, 3.3 ,3.4和3.5。一些团队正用它做完全的Python编译工具,并尝试将Python代码转译为其它可高速运行的编程语言。