Fedora 20 Alpha 发布

jopen 9年前

Fedora项目是一份由Red Hat策划的开放开发项目,它向普通参与者开放并由精英管理者领导,沿着一系列项目目标而前进。Fedora项目的目标是与Linux社区协作,只从开放源码软件来创建一份完整的、通用的操作系统。其开发过程是以公开论坛的形式进行的。项目将按时间计划,每年作两到三次Fedora的发布,并提供一份公开的发布日程表。Red Hat工程组将继续参与Fedora的开发,并且将比以往更多地邀请和鼓励外界的参与。通过采用这样一种更加开放的过程,我们希望能提供一份更加符合自由软件理念并且对开放源码社区更具吸引力的操作系统。
Fedora 20 Alpha 发布
Kevin Fenzi has announced that the delayed alpha release of Fedora 20 is now ready for testing - complete with Linux kernel 3.11, GNOME 3.10, KDE 4.11, ARM as a primary architecture, NetworkManager improvements and many other goodies: " The Fedora 20 "Heisenbug" alpha release has arrived with a preview of the latest fantastic, free, and open source technology currently under development. The Fedora 20 release coincides nicely with the 10th anniversary of Fedora. The first Fedora release (then called Fedora Core 1) came out on November 6, 2003. Since then, the Fedora Project has become an active and vibrant community that produces nearly a dozen "spins" that are tailor made for desktop users, hardware design, gaming, musicians, artists, and early classroom environments."
See the release announcement for a full list of new features and other details.
Download ( torrents, SHA256): Fedora-Live-Desktop-x86_64-20-Alpha-4.iso (960MB, torrent), Fedora-Live-KDE-x86_64-20-Alpha-4.iso (921MB, torrent). Fedora 20 Alpha 发布