PHP 安全通讯库发布 0.3.0 版本

jopen 9年前
   <a href="/misc/goto?guid=4958347504213153065" target="_blank">PHP Secure Communications Library</a> 是一组 PHP 语言实现的用于进行 DES, 3DES, RC4, Rijndael, AES, SSH-1和 SSH-2 等标准的实现。   <p>PHP 安全通讯库发布 0.3.0 版本,该版本主要改进有:</p>    <p>1. 支持恢复 Net_SFTP::put(), <br /> 2. support for recursive deletes and recursive chmods to Net_SFTP, setTimeout() to Net_SSH2, <br /> 3. support for PBKDF2 to the<span class="truncate_more"> various Crypt_* classes via setPassword(), <br /> 4. File_X509 and File_ASN1, and the ability to decode ANSI escape codes via File_ANSI. <br /> 5. Private keys can now be saved in various formats in Crypt_RSA. <br /> 6. Net_SSH2::getServerPublicHostKey() returns a printer-friendly version of the public key.</span></p>