Ubuntu MATE 15.10 Final 发布

jopen 9年前

Ubuntu MATE 15.10 Final 发布,更新内容如下:

  • Fixed update-manager and do-release-upgrade to upgrade from Ubuntu MATE 15.04 to Ubuntu MATE 15.10.

  • Fixed the openSUSE panel layout, GNOME Main Menu no longer crashes.

  • Fixed ubi-timezone error in Ubiquity.

  • Fixed Caja undelete, which was causing Caja to crash or fail to undelete.

  • Updated MATE Tweak to 3.5.2a

    • Remove all deprecated GTK properties.

    • Make irrelevant UI elements insensitive rather than being hidden.

    • Fix retaining the current theme settings when switching to Metacity.

    • Fix Plank not being left running when saving a custom theme.

    • Fix leaving multiple volume applets enabled when switching panel layouts.

    • Fix CTRL+C not closing MATE Tweak.

  • Updated Ubuntu MATE Welcome to

    • Removed Simple Screen Recorder, it is not compatible with Ubuntu MATE 15.10 or any 15.10 flavour.

    • Remove Synapse, it has an intermitent issue resulting in segmentation fault on Ubuntu MATE 15.10.

  • Updated the boot screen artwork in the ISO image. Bigger, more consistent, and higher contrast for visually impaired users.

  • Updated Plank to 0.10.1.

  • Prepared Ubuntu MATE 15.10 for the Raspberry Pi 2.


下载地址: https://ubuntu-mate.org/wily/

Ubuntu MATE 是 Ubuntu 家族的新成员,是一个使用 Meta 桌面系统的 Ubuntu 分支。关于 Meta,这是一款基于 Gnome 2 开发的 Linux 桌面系统。

Ubuntu MATE 15.10 Final 发布

Ubuntu MATE 15.10 Final 发布