Chakra GNU/Linux 2014.05 发布

jopen 8年前

Chakra GNU/Linux 2014.05 发布
Chakra是用户友好的、强大的发行及自启动运行光盘,它基于Arch Linux。其特性包括一份图形化的安装程序、自动硬件检测和配置、最新的KDE桌面,以及各种各样的工具和附件。
Chakra GNU/Linux 2014.05 发布

The Chakra team is proud to announce the first release of Chakra Descartes series, which will follow the 4.13 KDE releases.

We are excited to include the new artwork set by Malcer, codenamed Sirius. The whole Chakra experience has been improved in every detail, from the GRUB theme to the KDE Desktop.

Furthermore, Chakra has in the meantime moved to a new server. This choice has had a huge impact on our users and also on our internal infrastucture. A lot of effort has been put into improving our tools, resulting in them being now both more functional as well as easier to maintain. Our buildsystem received several improvements and our repositories are being prepared for a move to Akabei, the new package manager we plan to introduce in the near future.

In addition, thanks to the collaboration of the Chakra team with arnt (author of Octopi, a pacman GUI), we are pleased to announce that the fork we used up to now, Oktopi, has been merged with the latest version of Octopi. This will benefit our users, since they will take advantage of all the latest improvements implemented by upstream.

This new release includes new features and updates as follows:

KDE Software Compilation:

  • Chakra provides the latest stable version of the KDE SC series, 4.13.1. In the 4.13 series, Nepomuk search has been replaced by Baloo. In Chakra we have implemented the patch that permits the user to disable Baloo, but our suggestion is to keep it enabled. Please report any issues you find with the default settings.

    Chakra Tools: .
  • Our tools are fully translated in more than 30 languages, thanks of the amazing job done by our users on transifex.

  • New Chakra Logo.
  • New default theme "Sirius" for GRUB, KDM, KSplash, Yakuake and a new Desktop wallpaper.

  • Nvidia 331.38
  • Catalyst 13.12
  • xf86-video-nouveau 1.0.10
  • xf86-video-ati 7.2.0
  • xf86-video-intel 2.21.15
  • mesa 10.0.5
  • Have in mind that the catalyst-legacy package has been dropped from the repositories because it doesn't support the new X server. Consider using the free driver (xf86-video-ati) which now has better support for legacy graphic cards than in the past.

    Core Packages:
  • kernel 3.12.15
  • xorg-server 1.14.5
  • systemd 212

    New Applications added by default
  • octopi
  • kcm-pacman-repoeditor, which helps you edit pacman repositories through System Settings.
  • kcm-about-distro, which can also be found under System Settings and shows a small summary of your system and installation.
  • Kup, a simple yet powerful backup solution, using rsync and/or bup to perform both incremental and synchronized backups.
  • kcalc

    The extra repository, which is disabled by default, provides the must-have GTK-based applications and their dependencies. . To enable it, please use the kcm-pacman-repoeditor or octopi. Instructions for manually changing this can be found on this step by step guide. For more information, check Managing Repositories in the documentation.

    Please have in mind that our installer, Tribe, does not currently officially support UEFI, RAID, LVM and GPT, although you might find some workarounds in our forums.
    To create reliable installation media, please follow the instructions on the wiki. Chakra ISO images do not support unetbootin, and DVDs need to be burned at a speed no higher than 4×.

  • Download: Chakra-2014.05-Descartes-x86_64.iso (1,793MB, SHA512).