Sequelize.js 3.19.0 发布,Node.js 的 ORM

jopen 6年前

Sequelize.js 3.19.0 发布,Node.js 的 ORM

Sequelize.js 3.19.0 发布,更新如下:

  • [ADDED] Geography support for postgres

  • [FIXED] Migrations failed to add foreign key #966

  • [FIXED] Prevent race condition after transaction finished #5222

  • [FIXED] Fixed Instance.reload issues (#4844 and #4452)

  • [FIXED] Fix upsert when primary key contains .field (internal API change for queryInterface.upsert) #4755

  • [FIXED] Default value for defaultScope is now an empty object. This fixes calling .scope('defaultScope') when no scope is explicitly defined, see #5277


Sequelize.js 提供对 MySQL,MariaDB,SQLite 和 PostgreSQL 数据库的简单访问,通过映射数据库条目到对象,或者对象到数据库条目。简而言之,就是 ORM(Object-Relational-Mapper)。Sequelize.js 完全是使用 JavaScript 编写,适用于 Node.js 的环境。