Oddjob 1.3.0 发布,Java定时组件

jopen 9年前


Oddjob is the quickest way to automate manual tasks. Tasks include executing batch files or shell scripts, FTP commands, sending email, executing SQL and much more.

Oddjob is for Developers, Testers, Support Analysts, Administrators and anyone else that spends too much of their day on repetitive tasks. Oddjob saves you time so you can spend it on the fun stuff again.

Oddjob is free and open source.


  • Monitor and Control jobs anywhere on the network. More
  • Visual configuration. More
  • Very flexible scheduling. More
  • Lots of functionality. More
  • Triggered and conditional execution. More
  • Extend without learning an API. More


Getting Started With Oddjob

Scheduling a simple Hello World job.

Client/Server Oddjob

Take the Hello World job, deploy it on a server and monitor it from the desktop.

Oddjob 1.3.0 发布,Java定时组件
发布日志: Oddjob-1.3.0 is now available. This release includes:
  • An Improved For Each Job that supports a parallel run window and the ability to use Oddjob Designer on the nested configuration.
  • Timer and Retry now allow the nextDue property to be set while the timer is running.
  • A Grep Job has been added that can search files or any other input for text or a regular expression.
  • Numerous Bugs Fixes and Small Enhancements.