Apache Solr™ 5.3.2 发布

jopen 8年前

Apache Solr™ 5.3.2 发布,此版本的更新内容如下:

Bug 修复:

  1. SOLR-8460: /analysis/field could throw exceptions for custom attributes.
    (David Smiley, Uwe Schindler)

  2. SOLR-8373: KerberosPlugin: Using multiple nodes on same machine leads clients to fetch TGT for every request
    (Ishan Chattopadhyaya via noble)

  3. SOLR-8340: Fixed NullPointerException in HighlightComponent.
    (zengjie via Christine Poerschke)

  4. SOLR-8059: &debug=results for distributed search when distrib.singlePass (sometimes activated automatically) could result in an NPE.
    (David Smiley, Markus Jelsma)

  5. SOLR-8167: Authorization framework does not work with POST params

  6. SOLR-8355: update permissions were failing node recovery
    (noble , Anshum Gupta)

  7. SOLR-8326: If BasicAuth enabled, inter node requests fail after node restart
    (noble, Anshum Gupta)

  8. SOLR-8269: Upgrade commons-collections to 3.2.2. This fixes a known serialization vulnerability

  9. SOLR-8422: When authentication enabled, requests fail if sent to a node that doesn't host the collection

  10. SOLR-7462: AIOOBE in RecordingJSONParser
    (Scott Dawson, noble)

  11. SOLR-8496: SolrIndexSearcher.getDocSet(List<Query>) incorrectly included deleted documents when all of the queries were uncached (or there was no filter cache).  This caused multi-select faceting (including the JSON Facet API) to include deleted doc counts when the remaining non-excluded filters were all uncached.  This bug was first introduced in 5.3.0
    (Andreas Müller, Vasiliy Bout, Erick Erickson, Shawn Heisey, Hossman, yonik)


  1. SOLR-8470: Make TTL of PKIAuthenticationPlugin's tokens configurable through a system property (pkiauth.ttl)



来自: http://www.oschina.net//news/70178/apache-solr-5-3-2