Mozilla Firefox 42.0 Beta 2 发布

jopen 8年前

Firefox 41版刚发布没多久,现在,Mozilla又推出了42.0 beta版,主打隐私保护和追踪牌。这项叫做隐私浏览下的追踪保护(Tracking Protection in Private Browsing)的试验性功能将覆盖各大平台,包括Mac、Windows、Linux、Android。据悉,该功能主要针对第三方对用户使用习惯的追踪。

近期,开发商对这方面变得尤为重视。比如苹果最新发布的iOS 9,就具备了屏蔽第三方数据追踪的功能。

除 了追踪保护功能之外,42.0 beta版Firefox还加入多个其他新的功能,如桌面客户端下的浏览器其控制中心(Control Center)现具备了安全与隐私控制功能、播放音频的标签得到了新的指示标记、一键静音功能、登录管理和WebRTS功能加强、加入更多类型HTML5 和以开发者为方向的更新。


What’s New
  • New

    Private Browsing with Tracking Protection blocks certain Web elements that could be used to record your behavior across sites

  • New

    Indicator added to tabs that play audio with one-click muting (Adobe Flash supported since version 19)

  • New

    Login Manager improvements:

    • Improved heuristics to save usernames and passwords

    • Edit and show all logins in line, Copy/Paste usernames/passwords from the Context menu

    • Migration imports your passwords to Firefox from Windows Chrome and IE; import anytime from the Login Manager

  • New

    Control Center that contains site security and privacy controls

  • New

    WebRTC improvements:

    • IPV6 support

    • Preferences for controlling ICE candidate generation and IP exposure

    • Hooks for extensions to allow/deny createOffer/Answer

    • Improved ability for applications to monitor and control which devices are used in getUserMedia

  • Changed

    Improved performance on interactive websites that trigger a lot of restyles

  • HTML5

    Implemented ES6 Reflect

  • HTML5

    Support ImageBitmap and createImageBitmap()

  • HTML5

    Ship Push messaging with disabled web notifications from ServiceWorkers

  • Developer

    Remote website debugging over WiFi (no USB cable or ADB needed)

  • Developer

    Asynchronous call stacks now allow web developers to follow the code flow through setTimeout, DOM event handlers, and Promise handlers.

  • Developer

    Configurable Firefox OS Simulator in WebIDE, to simulate reference devices like phones, tablets, even TVs

  • Developer

    CSS filter presets in the Inspector

  • Developer

    Ability to save filter presets inside CSS Filter Tooltip

Known Issues
  • unresolved

    The CTRL+K shortcut does not give focus to the search field when used from the URL bar on GNU/Linux with GTK+ 3.14 and 3.16 (1176929)