libsodium 1.0.2 发布,加密库

jopen 6年前

libsodium 是一个先进而且易用的加密库。主要用于加密、解密、签名和生成密码哈希等等。这是一个可移植的、跨编译器支持、可安装的,基于 NaCI 开发,提供一个兼容 API。

libsodium 1.0.2 发布,此版本更新内容如下:

  • The_easyand_detachedAPIs now support precalculated keys;crypto_box_easy_afternm(),crypto_box_open_easy_afternm(),crypto_box_detached_afternm()andcrypto_box_open_detached_afternm()have been added as an alternative to the NaCl interface.

  • Memory allocation functions can now be used on operating systems with no memory protection.

  • crypto_sign_open()andcrypto_sign_edwards25519sha512batch_open()now accept aNULLpointer instead of a pointer to the message size, if storing this information is not required.

  • The close-on-exec flag is now set on the descriptor returned when opening/dev/urandom.

  • Alibsodium-uninstalled.pcfile to usepkg-configeven when libsodium is not installed, has been added.

  • The iOS target now includes armv7s and arm64 optimized code, as well as i386 and x86_64 code for the iOS simulator.

  • sodium_free()can now be called on regions withPROT_NONEprotection.

  • The Javascript tests can run on Ubuntu, where thenodebinary was renamednodejs. io.js can also be used instead of node.