SparkyLinux 3.3 "MATE", "Xfce", "Base" 发布

jopen 10年前

SparkyLinux是轻量级的、快速的、简单的Linux发行,它被设计为既适合老旧的也适合新式的计算机,并以定制的Enlightenment和LXDE桌面为特色。它构建于Debian GNU/Linux的测试分支之上。
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Paweł Pijanowski has announced the release of SparkyLinux 3.3 "MATE", "Xfce", and the newly introduced "Base" (Openbox) editions, a set of Debian-based distributions featuring various lightweight desktop user interfaces: " SparkyLinux 3.3 'Annagerman' MATE, Xfce, and Base is out. New ISO images of SparkyLinux provide updates and some improvements. All packages upgraded from Debian testing repositories as of 2014/03/16. This is the end of Sparky Ultra and CLI Editions. Instead of them, there is a new 'Base' Edition which is a combination of Ultra and CLI. Sparky Base Edition is targeted to people who want to build their own desktop on the top of Debian testing base. Compared to the CLI Edition, Sparky 'Base' works in graphical mode so it will be much easier to install and configure additional applications than before. Sparky Base is very light and its size is about 600 MB. The 'new' installer is recommended for a hard drive installation." Check the release announcement for further details. Download links: sparkylinux-3.3-x86_64-mate.iso (1,540MB, MD5), sparkylinux-3.3-x86_64-xfce.iso (1,423MB, MD5), sparkylinux-3.3-x86_64-base.iso (576MB, MD5).
<img src="" title="SparkyLinux" alt="SparkyLinux 3.3 " mate",="" "xfce",="" "base"="" 发布"="" border="1" height="384" hspace="6" vspace="6" width="480">