Fast Code Eclipse Plugin - 辅助快速开发 Spring 程序的Eclipse 插件

openkk 12年前
     <p><a href="/misc/goto?guid=4958336035317853963" target="_blank">Fast Code Eclipse Plugin</a> 是一个可以帮助你快速开发 Spring 应用程序的Eclipse 插件。</p>    <p>功能包括:</p>    <p> * Automatically create DAO to Service and Service to Action, e.g. FooDAO to FooService and FooService to FooAction. <br />  * Automatically create one DAO to another with different name, e.g. FooDAO (with methods getFoo, saveFoo) to BarDAO (with methods getBar, saveBar). <br />  * Also create spring based configurations. <br />  * Easily navigate from DAO to Service and Service to DAO. <br />  * Easily navigate from hibernate pojos to .hbm files. <br />  * Easily create List, ArrayList, Map, HashMap initializers or fields in a class. <br />  * Easily copy a field, just highlight and right click, go inside Fast Code pop up menu and click 'Copy Field' <br />  * You can highlight part of the field name also. <br />  * Some of the features can be turned off/on or configured in Windows->Preference->Fast Code Preference.<br /> <br /> 新版本增加一个新的“创建变量”的对话框,同时可从一个数据库中创建SQL。</p>