MongoDB 3.3.2 发布

jopen 7年前

MongoDB 3.3.2 发布了,这是一个开发版本,请勿在产品环境中使用。


SERVER-2235   IndexScan should track the number of calls to seek() and
expose in explain
SERVER-4494   explain output should include index version
SERVER-7285   Support systemd in future compatible distributions
SERVER-12941  Improve error message for createIndexes commands with blank
SERVER-13411  parallelCollectionScan does not provide a time limit option
SERVER-14662  Positional projection queries (and positional update ops)
should fail with error if multiple arrays encountered
SERVER-15482  $size with non-whole-number parameter shouldn't require full
SERVER-18115  The planner can add an unnecessary in-memory sort stage for
.min()/.max() queries
SERVER-18329  Add Debian 8 (Jessie) builds and associated package repository
SERVER-18783  Upgrade MongoDB past PCRE 8.37
SERVER-18824  Support matching text that has embedded NUL bytes with $regex
SERVER-19783  Query parser does not correctly handle geonear predicates
with other predicates in the same field
SERVER-20290  Recipient shard for migration can continue on retrieving data
even after donor shard aborts
SERVER-20792  Hyphen in text search doesn't behave correctly based on usual
SERVER-22041  Count command does not respect hint if query predicate is