Docker 1.5.0 RC1 发布,完全支持 IPv6

jopen 6年前

Docker 1.5.0 RC1 发布,此版本是 Docker 1.5 的第一个RC 版本。

Docker 1.5.0 RC1 的总体情况如下:

  • 664 个 commits

  • 86  位贡献者

  • +8,350 -3,397 行修改

此版本包括大量的总要特性,Docker 1.5.0 计划在 2 月 3 日发布,包括 Compose 1.1.0, Machine beta 0.1.0 和 Swam beta 0.1.0。

boot2docker 1.5.0-rc1 现已提供在:

ISO 下载:


Ubuntu/Debian: or curl -sSL | sh
Linux 64bit binary:
Darwin/OSX 64bit client binary:
Darwin/OSX 32bit client binary:
Linux 64bit tgz:



  • Dockerfile to use for a given `docker build` can be specified with the `-f` flag

  • Dockerfile and .dockerignore files can be themselves excluded as part of the .dockerignore file, thus preventing modifications to these files invalidating ADD or COPY instructions cache

  • ADD and COPY instructions accept relative paths

  • Dockerfile `FROM scratch` instruction is now interpreted as a no-base specifier

  • Improve performance when exposing a large number of ports


  • Allow client-side only integration tests for Windows

  • Include docker-py integration tests against Docker daemon as part of our test suites


  • Support for the new version of the registry HTTP API

  • Speed up `docker push` for images with a majority of already existing layers

  • Fixed contacting a private registry through a proxy

Remote API

  • Containers can be renamed using the new `rename` endpoint and the associated `docker rename` command

  • Container `inspect` endpoint show the ID of `exec` commands running in this container

  • Container `inspect` endpoint show the number of times Docker auto-restarted the container

  • New types of event can be streamed by the `events` endpoint: ‘OOM’ (container died with out of memory), ‘exec_create’, and ‘exec_start'

  • Fixed returned string fields which hold numeric characters incorrectly omitting surrounding double quotes


  • Docker daemon has full IPv6 support

  • The `docker run` command can take the `--pid=host` flag to use the host PID namespace, which makes it possible for example to debug host processes using containerized debugging tools

  • The `docker run` command can take the `--read-only` flag to make the container’s root filesystem mounted as readonly, which can be used in combination with volumes to force a container’s processes to only write to locations that will be persisted

  • Container total memory usage can be limited for `docker run` using the `--memory-swap` flag

  • Major stability improvements for devicemapper storage driver

  • Better integration with host system: containers will reflect changes to the host's `/etc/resolv.conf` file when restarted

  • Better integration with host system: per-container iptable rules are moved to the DOCKER chain

  • Fixed container exiting on out of memory to return an invalid exit code


  • The HTTP_PROXY, HTTPS_PROXY, and NO_PROXY environment variables are properly taken into account by the client when connecting to the Docker daemon


Arnaud Porterie