Flutter:高性能跨平台 App 框架

qhit7361 6年前
   <h2>Flutter</h2>    <p>Flutter is a new way to build high-performance, cross-platform mobile apps. Flutter is optimized for today's, and tomorrow's, mobile devices. We are focused on low-latency input and high frame rates on Android and iOS.</p>    <p><em>Flutter is an early-stage open-source project.</em> We are still missing core features like accessibility, text input, localization, and more. However, you can build demos and examples today. We hope you try it out and send us <a href="/misc/goto?guid=4959737532321850596" rel="nofollow,noindex">feedback</a> .</p>    <ul>     <li>For information about using Flutter to build apps, please see the <a href="/misc/goto?guid=4959737532434854772" rel="nofollow,noindex">getting started guide</a> .</li>    </ul>    <ul>     <li>For information about contributing code to Flutter itself, please see <a href="/misc/goto?guid=4959737532549757689" rel="nofollow,noindex">CONTRIBUTING.md</a> .</li>    </ul>    <h2>Community</h2>    <p>Join us in our <a href="/misc/goto?guid=4959737532645141900" rel="nofollow,noindex">Gitter chat room</a> or join our public mailing list, <a href="/misc/goto?guid=4959737532730395428" rel="nofollow,noindex">flutter-dev@googlegroups.com</a> .</p>    <p> </p>    <p> </p>    <p> </p>