react-native-gitfeed - 采用react-native开发的Github客户端

jopen 6年前

Github Feed

react-native-gitfeed - 采用react-native开发的Github客户端。

Includes ?

  1. Feeds like web github home.
  2. Search users or repos.
  3. Star, watch repos, follow guys.
  4. Explore trending repos daily, weekly, monthly.
  5. Check who's famous in some filed all of the world.

Online apps




How to build this

Register(If you don't need login, skip this step)

  1. You a github client key and secret, check this out!

  2. change config.js

Filling your github client and key

Install JS env

npm install

if error about 'EACCS' try

sudo chown -R $(whoami) "$HOME/.npm"


open the project in ios dir cd ios

pod install

Release mode

  1. edit xcode project RN_CNNode's scheme to release mode


  1. bundle the JS resources, in project root dir

    react-native bundle --platform ios --entry-file index.ios.js --bundle-output ./release/main.jsbundle --assets-dest ./release --dev false
  2. xcode run!

Debug mode

Edit xcode project RN_CNNode edit scheme to debug mode

Xcode run!


Use Android studio to open the android dir, the studio will take a lot time to build the project(just be patient).

Release mode

Connect your devices with USB.

Open Android studio,change the Build Variants to release


sh ./


Just run the project

Debug mode

react-native run-android

Emulator run some device.

Code-push practice (This step is optional)

  1. mkdir ~/Desktop/release
  2. bundle the js resources
// including image resources  react-native bundle --platform ios --entry-file index.ios.js --bundle-output ~/Desktop/release/main.jsbundle --assets-dest ~/Desktop/release --dev false    // not including image resources  react-native bundle --platform ios --entry-file index.ios.js --bundle-output ~/Desktop/release/main.jsbundle --dev false

Check app status

code-push deployment ls GitFeed-iOS

Publish update

code-push release GitFeed-iOS ~/Desktop/release 1.0.0 -d Production

Let's talk about it(So far only Chinese supported)



GPL. Copyright (c) David Tse.