gdom - DOM Traversing and Scraping using GraphQL

jopen 3年前


GDOM is the next generation of web-parsing, powered by GraphQL syntax and the Graphene framework.

Install it typing in your console:

pip install gdom

DEMO: Try GDOM online


You can either do gdom --test to start a test server for testing queries or


This command will write in the standard output (or other output if specified via --output) the resulting JSON.

Your QUERY_FILE could look similar to this:

{    page(url:"") {      items: query(selector:"tr.athing") {        rank: text(selector:"td span.rank")        title: text(selector:"td.title a")        sitebit: text(selector:"span.comhead a")        url: attr(selector:"td.title a", name:"href")        attrs: next {           score: text(selector:"span.score")           user: text(selector:"a:eq(0)")           comments: text(selector:"a:eq(2)")        }      }    }  }

Advanced usage

If you want to generalize your gdom query to any page, just rewrite your query file adding the $page var. So should look to something like this:

query ($page: String) {    page(url:$page) {      # ...    }  }

And then, query it like: