wego - 终端的天气应用

jopen 6年前


wego - 终端的天气应用.


  • show forecast for 1 to 5 days
  • nice ASCII art icons
  • displayed info (metric or imperial units):
    • temperature
    • windspeed and direction
    • viewing distance
    • precipitation amount and probability
  • ssl, so the NSA has a harder time learning where you live or plan to go
  • config file for default location which can be overridden by commandline
  • multi language support
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    • Working Go environment
    • utf-8 terminal with 256 colors (I use the dejavu font)
    • A worldweatheronline.com API key (see Setup below)


    1. To Install the wego binary into your $GOPATH as usual, run: go get -u github.com/schachmat/wego
    2. Run wego once. You will get an error message, but the config file will be generated for you as well.
    3. If you don't have the necessary API key yet, you can register here with your github.com account. Your github.com account needs a public email address, but you can choose a bogus one.
    4. Copy your API key into the .wegorc file in your $HOME folder, change the city to your preference, and choose if you want to use metric or imperial units. Save the file.
    5. Run wego once again and you should get the weather forecast for the current and next 2 days.
    6. If you're visiting someone in e.g. London over the weekend, just run wego 4 London or wego London 4 (the ordering of arguments makes no difference) to get the forecast for the current and the next 3 days.

    • You can also set the $WEGORC environment variable to override the default location.


    • store values affected by metric/imperial conversion as float32 internally
    • implement SI units
    • use objx instead of custom marshall function to localize the output (and handle the whole json response in general)
    项目地址: https://github.com/schachmat/wego