JARR (Just Another RSS Reader)基于Web的新闻聚合器

jopen 5年前



JARR (Just Another RSS Reader) is a web-based news aggregator and reader.

Main features

  • can be easily deployed on Heroku or on a traditional server;
  • multiple users can use a JARR instance;
  • a RESTful API to manage your articles (or connect your own crawler);
  • data liberation: export and import all your account with a JSON file;
  • export and import feeds with OPML files;
  • export articles to HTML;
  • favorite articles;
  • detection of inactive feeds;
  • share articles with Google +, Pinboard and reddit.

The core technologies are Flask, asyncio , SQLAlchemy and React.

Python 3.5 is recommended.


A documentation is available here and provides different ways to install JARR.


JARR is translated into English and French.


If you wish and if you like JARR, you can donate via bitcoin 1GVmhR9fbBeEh7rP1qNq76jWArDdDQ3otZ. Thank you!


JARR is under the GNU Affero General Public License version 3.


My home page.

项目地址: https://github.com/JARR-aggregator/JARR