WebSocket - websocket 网页版Spring4实现

jopen 8年前


websocket web version realize Spring4

One of the biggest is that Spring 4.0 update adds support websocket of. websocket provides an efficient, two-way communication in web applications, you need to take into account the high-frequency and low-latency messages exchanged between the client (browser) and server. General application scenarios are: online trading, gaming, collaboration, data visualization.   Websocket to consider using browser support (IE <10 not supported), the current mainstream browsers can be a good support websocket. websocket agreement has some sub-protocol, it can be realized from a higher level programming model, as we use the same HTTP instead of TCP. These sub-protocols are STOMP, WAMP, etc.

websocket 网页版Spring4实现

Spring 4.0的一个最大更新是增加了websocket的支持。websocket提供了一个在web应用中的高效、双向的通讯,需要考虑到客户端(浏览器)和服务器之间的高频和低延时消息交换。一般的应用场景有:在线交易、游戏、协作、数据可视化等。

使用websocket需要考虑的浏览器的支持(IE<10不支持),目前主流的浏览器都能很好的支持websocket。 websocket协议中有一些子协议,可以从更高的层次实现编程模型,就像我们使用HTTP而不是TCP一样。这些子协议有STOMP,WAMP等。

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