jopen 6年前


这是一个采用Cython编写的封装类。其底层库 cJSON 由 Dave Gamble采用C语言开发。

import cyj    parser = cyj.cyj()    #loading data into cyjson and parsing it internally  #returns True on success and False on failure  parser << '{"ab":"test","c":[1,2,{"x":["y","f","w",[6,7,8,10]]},4],"s":{"y":["llüöll",1,false,true]}}'    #information such as types, keywords and item size  print parser.root_info()    #getting information on elements, raises cyJSON_* exception on error  print parser >> ('c',2)    #converting items into python objects  for i in parser.root_info()["keys"]:      print parser( ( str(i), ) )


parser << "JSON" # will be converted -> .replace("\'","\"")

converting to python object

This is not efficient, because it converts the whole structure into python objects.


retrieving info

Instead of converting to python object, we can collect some information and extract the target value directly from C layer which is faster and more efficient.

>>> parser.root_info()  {'keys': [u'ab', u'c', u's'], 'types': ['str', 'list', 'dict'], 'size': 3}  >>> parser >> ('c',)  {'keys': [], 'types': ['num', 'num', 'dict', 'num'], 'size': 4}

get value

>>> parser( ('c',1) )  2  >>> parser( ('c',2 ) )  {'x': [u'y', u'f', u'w', [6, 7, 8, 10]]}


git clone --recursive  cd ./cyjson/cJSON; make ; make install ; cd ..  python build_ext --inplace