Swift的简单HTTP实现:Swift HTTP Server

dfd7 6年前

Swift的简单HTTP实现,使用POSIX socket API。可运行在 Mac OS X 和Linux之上。

For Mac users: You can install new Swift compiler following this instruction then you will be able to build the code directly on your Xcode.


Run the following command to compile the source:

swift build


After successfully compile, run the server with:


Now, go to http://localhost:8080 to test, the response should be:Hello World

Setting up Docker container from Dockerfile

Go todockerfolder and runbuild.shto buildswiftboximage

cd docker  ./build.sh

Run new container fromswiftboximage, mount your working directory and expose the port:

docker run -it -p 8080:8080 -v /path/to/your/host/working/folder:/src swiftbox

Now you can go to/srcfolder, which linked to your/path/to/your/host/working/folderto start using:

cd /src  swift build