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Yoke has the following requirements/dependencies to run:

  • A 3-server cluster consisting of a 'primary', 'secondary', and 'monitor' node
  • 'primary' & 'secondary' nodes need ssh connections between each other (w/o passwords)
  • 'primary' & 'secondary' nodes need rsync (or some alternative sync_command) installed
  • 'primary' & 'secondary' nodes should have postgres installed under a postgres user, and in thepath. Yoke tries calling 'postgres' and 'pg_ctl'
  • 'primary' & 'secondary' nodes run postgres as a child process so it should not be started independently

Each node in the cluster requires its own config.ini file with the following options (provided values are defaults):

[config]  # the IP which this node will broadcast to other nodes  advertise_ip=  # the port which this node will broadcast to other nodes  advertise_port=4400  # the directory where postgresql was installed  data_dir=/data  # delay before node dicides what to do with postgresql instance  decision_timeout=30  # log verbosity (trace, debug, info, warn error, fatal)  log_level=warn  # REQUIRED - the IP:port combination of all nodes that are to be in the cluster (e.g. 'role=m.y.i.p:4400')  primary=  secondary=  monitor=  # SmartOS REQUIRED - either 'primary', 'secondary', or 'monitor' (the cluster needs exactly one of each)  role=  # the postgresql port  pg_port=5432  # the directory where node status information is stored  status_dir=./status  # the command you would like to use to sync the data from this node to the other when this node is master  sync_command=rsync -ae "ssh -o StrictHostKeyChecking=no" --delete {{local_dir}} {{slave_ip}}:{{slave_dir}}    [vip]  # Virtual Ip you would like to use  ip=  # Command to use when adding the vip. This will be called as {{add_command}} {{vip}}  add_command=  # Command to use when removing the vip. This will be called as {{remove_command}} {{vip}}  remove_command=    [role_change]  # When this nodes role changes we will call the command with the new role as its arguement '{{command}} {{(master|slave|single}))'  command=