pnxx 6年前

Vim的Go开发插件,它带有预先定义的合理设置(如在保存时自动gofmt)。提供自动完成、片段支持,改进语法高亮,转向工具链的命令,等等。If needed vim-go installs all necessary binaries for providing seamless Vim integration with current commands. It's highly customizable and each individual feature can be disabled/enabled easily.



  • Improved Syntax highlighting with items such as Functions, Operators, Methods.
  • Auto completion support viagocode
  • Bettergofmton save, which keeps cursor position and doesn't break your undo history
  • Go to symbol/declaration with:GoDef
  • Look up documentation with:GoDocinside Vim or open it in browser
  • Automatically import packages via:GoImportor plug it into autosave
  • Compile your package with:GoBuild, install it with:GoInstall
  • Quickly execute your current file/files with:GoRun
  • Run:GoTestand see any errors in the quickfix window
  • AutomaticGOPATHdetection based on the directory structure (i.e.gbprojects,godepvendored projects)
  • Change or displayGOPATHwith:GoPath
  • Create a coverage profile and display annotated source code in browser to see which functions are covered with:GoCoverage
  • Lint your code with:GoLint
  • Run your code through:GoVetto catch static errors
  • Advanced source analysis tools utilizing oracle, such as:GoImplements,:GoCallees, and:GoReferrers
  • Precise type-safe renaming of identifiers with:GoRename
  • List all source files and dependencies
  • Unchecked error checking with:GoErrCheck
  • Integrated and improved snippets, supportingultisnipsorneosnippet
  • Share your current code to with:GoPlay
  • On-the-fly type information about the word under the cursor. Plug it into your custom vim function.
  • Tagbar support to show tags of the source code in a sidebar withgotags
  • Custom vim text objects such asa functionorinner function